About Me

My name is Kelsey, and I am the owner of Tootie & Bug's Boutique. I am a proud mama of 3 amazing kiddos; Eleanor (Tootie), Addison (Bug), and Jude. I have been married for 7 years to my wonderful husband John. We also have 2 very rambunctious boxer dogs - Jack and Maggie. Most days I would describe myself as a hot mess, and you will most likely find a cup of coffee in my hands and cuss words coming out of my mouth at any given moment. 🤣

I had just gone back to work for 2 whole weeks (no joke, 2 weeks!) after my maternity leave in 2020 when I was laid off due to Covid. Since then, I've been able to spend my time at home with my girls, and I definitely think that getting laid off has been a blessing in disguise.

Being at home made me feel a bit stir crazy, but has also allowed me to pursue my dreams and goals of owning my own business. After many many months of research, trial and error, and hard work, Tootie and Bug's was born. I love being able to create things that make other people laugh, smile, or feel special!